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Protect your home and business with a state-of-the-art alarm system

Alarm System Specialists in Kingston

Serving the Kingston area since 1950, Londry Alarms is a leader in the field of residential, commercial, and industrial alarm systems.

Qualified Technicians

Since our company’s foundation, our expert technicians have installed and serviced thousands of alarm systems designed to protect homes, businesses, and warehouses throughout Kingston and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our local 24-hour monitoring service, you can expect a fast response whenever an alarm is triggered.

Protect your home and business today: get an electronic alarm system that you can count on from Londry Alarms.

We’re a ULC-listed alarm service company.

Protect Your Perimeter

Protect Your Perimeter

We can find the ideal alarm system for you and customize it to protect what matters most to you.

Under Your Watchful Eye

Under Your Watchful Eye

Our cutting-edge surveillance cameras have been proven to deter burglars and effectively reduce crime.

Card access

Control Your Environment

We have the solution for everything, from unsecure access to flooding, power loss, and heat regulation.

Fire alarm

Monitor the Elements

Don’t leave your safety to chance: our solutions meet the latest industry standards for your peace of mind.

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