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Let Londry Alarms Protect Your Home and Business

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems for a Safer Kingston

Get an alarm system from Londry Alarms and rest assured knowing that your home or business is secure at all times. Our team would be happy to install an alarm system with the features that best meet your needs.

Commercial Alarm Systems

At Londry Alarms, we understand how important it is for you to protect your assets. Whether you sell valuable merchandise or handle sensitive information, we’ll make sure that you’re notified if ever the safety of your property is compromised. Our alarm systems come with handy capabilities, including:

  • Modern technology: Protect your building with door contacts, sirens, and dual-function motion and glassbreak detectors.

  • Remote access: Remotely connect to your alarm system and perform a variety of alarm functions using almost any web-enabled device.

  • Email and text alerts: Receive instant notifications via text message or email when you open and close your business on a daily basis or whenever your alarm goes off.

Residential Alarm Systems

Londry Alarms has the perfect solution for your residential security needs. We can help you customize your alarm system with the following features:

  • Traditional or LCD keypad

  • Door and window contacts

  • Pet-friendly motion detectors with dual infrared microwave technology

  • Water (flood) and temperature detectors

  • Remote key fob (optional)

  • Remote system control via e-link

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24-Hour Protection

Talk to us about installing the right alarm system for you.

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