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Let Londry Alarms Protect Your Home and Business

Fire Alarm Systems and Smoke Detectors in Kingston: to Protect What Matters Most

When it comes to fire, there’s no margin for error. Londry Alarms can help you choose the appropriate fire alarm systems and smoke detectors for your Kingston home or business to make sure that you’re notified the moment signs of a fire are detected.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Londry Alarms is an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) listed alarm service company. As such, we can:

  • Issue ULC monitoring certificates to attest that your system is compliant

  • Carry out ULC-certified installation and servicing

  • Verify that our monitoring station can receive signals from your fire panel

  • Test your system’s functionality

Residential Smoke Detectors

Let Londry Alarms integrate monitored smoke and heat detectors into your home today and set your mind at ease. Smoke detectors should be installed outside every bedroom of an occupied premise, and CO2 detectors should be installed in the basement. Both types of detectors should be installed on each floor of your home to fully ensure your safety.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help keep you safe from fire and smoke.

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Effective Protection

We have the systems and team needed to protect your family and staff.

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