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Let Londry Alarms Protect Your Home and Business

Security Cameras for Your Kingston-Area
Home or Business

Are you tired of using old analog surveillance cameras that record video footage without transmitting a live feed? Count on Londry Alarms to install modern, residential and commercial security cameras in Kingston and the surrounding area that will meet all of your needs.

Digital Commercial Surveillance Solutions

At Londry Alarms, we combine digital, internet protocol (IP) technology with analog, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to give you the best of both worlds. IP-CCTV systems turn images and audio into data that can be transmitted over a company’s existing network infrastructure or internet connection to a central location or computer anywhere worldwide.

The digital technology used in IP-CCTV systems provides real benefits over traditional analog CCTV technology, such as:

  • High-performance digital video recording (DVR) and network video recording (NVR) 

  • Superior, high-definition images that don’t degrade during or after playback, recording, or onward forwarding

  • Greatly improved CCTV image viewing and management

Stay Connected and in Control at Home

Because protecting your family and property is one of the most important things to you, we’ve made it our priority, too. Londry Alarms can install various residential surveillance systems in your home, including:

  • High-resolution day and night analog or digital cameras

  • High-capacity digital and network video recorders to record and archive camera footage

  • Total Connect® remote services, which give you remote access and control to video footage anywhere, anytime, via any web-enabled device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers

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Modern Cameras for Quality Video Solutions

Speak to one of our representatives about the video surveillance system that’s right for you.

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